About the Company

Green Mint Pte Ltd (GMPL) was established in 2012 as a metal trading company headquartered in Singapore and operates nationally and internationally. Over the years we had emerge ourselves as a company which deals from Scrap to Precision Tools used in advanced machines to quality food products offering the best quality of packaged food under one umbrella,

Our company is a leading manufacturer & supplier of marine spare parts & auto parts in Singapore. Besides Precision engineering we have a Food Packaging industry in Malaysia. The management at GMPL i.e. Mr Vaibhav Gupta and Mr Arvind Sharma hold extensive knowledge and experience in the field of manufacturing. Over the years, they have passed on their expertise and passion for work to all of the teams that work in 15 different countries and built a strong organization together. Our Singapore factory is built on almost 10000 sq ft and Malaysia factory is built on more than 20000 sq fts.

GMPL trades in a diversified portfolio of products that are classified as Consumer Food Products, Auto Parts, Marine Parts, Steel & Scrap. Our procurement teams are empowered by the strong presence on the ground at procurement centers and are aided by a dedicated team specializing in providing the best quality products. On the other hand, our marketing team is empowered by our presence at distribution centers and specializes in providing the best value to customers.

The company’s rapid expansion stems from the efficient, experienced and professional members of the organization, whose key focus is to create sustainable value for all stakeholders. The culture in GMPL places strong emphasis on fulfilling the needs of their customers, partners and suppliers, and at the same time fostering long-term relationships with them. At the core of the overall company strategy is to stay customer oriented and continue to diversify in trade & geographies to become a global conglomerate.

The company’s generic evolution has been an inspiration and encouragement for the entire organization. By upholding its core values strongly and capitalizing on its strengths, GMPL will continue to pursue its vision to:

“Emerge as a Global Conglomerate by providing quality products at great value to customers, and fostering strong partnerships with stakeholders.”